Houzez Theme Reviews - Real Estate WordPress Theme

Are you thinking about building a website for your real estate business?

Good choice!

You shouldn’t overlook the many benefits of deciding to move your company online.

I am aware, nevertheless, that making the wise choice to build a real estate website is not always simple.

The creation and maintenance of your website, however, becomes much simpler with WordPress and Real Estate themes like Houzez.

This is a comprehensive article about the Houzez real estate theme for WordPress that you can use to create your own property portal or business website.

To help you make the best choice for your website, we’ll go over the benefits, drawbacks, and other aspects of the Houzez theme.

The Houzez Real Estate Theme Overview

A versatile and adaptable theme for building your real estate-related websites is Houzez.

The theme includes a variety of demos so you can quickly build a stunning, feature-rich WordPress website.

The theme is simple to use, adaptable, and offers straightforward modification possibilities. This means that anyone may use this theme and build a website without needing any technical knowledge.

One of the most popular WordPress real estate themes is Houzez. It is very versatile as well.

This theme can be used to build a professional online portfolio, a real estate agency website, or a real estate search engine.

Who can use (Target Audience):

Houzez - Real Estate WordPress Theme Preview
Houzez - Real Estate WordPress Theme Preview (homepage)

Houzez is a multipurpose & responsive WordPress theme for building a wide range of property- and real estate-related websites.

Make a website for real estate sales or rentals.

Some examples of the types of real estate that can be included in the properties are:

This could be anything from a single-family home to a complex of apartments, a hotel, a group of villas, a holiday community, a farm, an industrial park, or a collection of land plots.

Thanks to the theme’s custom field support (more on this below), you can construct comprehensive property listings on your site that include all the information a user may want.

More importantly, the Houzez theme was made to be utilized by anyone. There is no need for specialized knowledge.

You can make a fully functional and expert-looking website with this theme even if you’ve never built one before.

Build your entire site with zero coding experience required; the style, features, and layout are all up to you.

In fact, if you enjoy being creative, you’ll love working with the Houzez theme. In order to develop a website that best represents your business, you can experiment with numerous setups.

This theme was created for real estate agents who wish to market their properties online. A real estate directory website can be made using the theme.

Consequently, you are able to create and maintain your own commercial real estate directory that allows you to make money off of it.


Houzez is a dynamic WordPress real estate theme for independent contractors, agents, and companies.

Houzez will assist you in developing a website that will amaze potential customers and aid in the sale of more homes thanks to its broad customization possibilities and abundance of features.

Front-end Dashboard One-Click Demo Import
CRM Navigation
Insight Property Data Header
Custom Fields Builder Footer
Listing Submissions Page Builder
User Management Drag-and-Drop Elementor Widgets
Membership Grid Builder
Payments Styling Options
Email Management Typography
Property Detail Page Search Builder
Listing Meta Composer Advanced Search
Listing Page Templates Search Result Page
Half Map Page Map Features
Compare Properties Google Maps
Agents And Agencies OpenStreetMap
One Page Website Mapbox
Splash Page/Blog

Houzez Theme demos

With this theme, you can choose from 16 pre-built samples to quickly launch your website. You can create one-of-a-kind, completely customized websites in any real estate-related specialty using any of these demos.

Because every user has a different choice, this theme gives you the option to customize the website’s aesthetics. The choices include the following.




Customizing themes and creating pages with Houzez

The Houzez theme is incredibly customisable thanks to its numerous features and versatility. The behavior of the theme can be modified to suit your needs.

The theme has a ton of built-in customization possibilities, including a live customizer and theme settings.

The Houzez theme offers simple customization features so you may fully tailor your website.

This theme’s dashboard has well labeled and simple settings that you can use to alter the colors, fonts, and other aspects of your website.

Houzez Designing by WP bakery

Houzez supports the drag-and-drop page building capabilities of the WPBakery page builder.

You can use the drag and drop capabilities provided by the page construction tools to change the appearance of each and every element on your website.

Therefore, without being a technical expert, you may completely alter the layout of your website with simple options. Being able to alter your website’s appearance without being a designer is a lot of fun.

Additionally, the settings and options are logically arranged to prevent you from accidentally messing up your site’s look. Consequently, using the Houzez WordPress Theme makes it easy to give your website a unique and polished appearance.

This add-on is not required. Using both the theme choices and the page building options, this real estate theme will perform admirably with or without the page builder.

Saved your Design as templates

The Houzez WordPress theme gives you a selection of predesigned templates to ensure that you have complete control over the appearance of your website.

The Houzez WordPress theme offers a wide range of choices because the requirements for each websites vary.

Many property page designs available (listing detail pages)

Options for property pages let you customize how properties are displayed on your website. Both property pages with vertical tabs and property pages with full-screen banners are available.

These pages feature various designs and informational delivery methods.

Multiple listing pages (category & Taxonomy pages)

A list or grid of properties falling into a particular category will be displayed on listing pages. These sections will make it simple for visitors to locate a selection of postings that appeal to them.

You can select from a range of Listing page layouts while using the Houzez theme. Layout options include full-width galleries, tabbed navigation, vertical or horizontal menus, and multi-unit displays.

Customize your Navigation styles

Houzez Theme navigation

The primary method of navigation on your WordPress websites is through menus. You have a selection of navigational styles with the Houzez real estate theme.

Based on the goal of your site’s navigation and how visitors utilize it, you can choose the best style. Using the built-in option makes it simple to change the navigation style at a later time.

Multiple header designs

It’s impressive how many different header patterns are included with the WordPress Real estate theme. The designers of the Houzez theme undoubtedly appreciate the importance of a strong header.

It is the initial section of your website that visitors notice. Therefore, you should pick a header for your website based on its specialization and purpose.

This theme allows header banners that are based on maps, parallax banners, slider revolution, or a property slider in addition to images and videos. Consequently, you are in charge.

You can effortlessly adjust and maintain the layout of your site thanks to all of these pre-designed templates. They let you to modify specific areas of your website to meet the needs of your website.

Houzez: A complete method for managing properties

You may build feature-rich, simple-to-manage WordPress real estate websites using the Houzez real estate theme. The listings produced with this theme are comprehensive.

The Houzez theme has all the top property management features for your real estate websites because it was especially created for the purpose.

Some of them are as follows:

Quick and simple property portal setup

The Houzez real estate theme is perfect for building entire online property management systems or property websites. The theme makes it very simple to set up your website quickly and with little effort.

This theme includes a real estate listings form with all the necessary fields. Additionally, there are maps and location-based capabilities to make your site easier to use.

Property Location Maps & Gallery Widget

Your property portal heavily relies on maps. Maps are supported by the Houzez theme in several areas of your website.

You can decide to have the map appear in the header. You may make Google Maps search available to your visitors.

A real estate website also needs appropriate, undistorted photos. You can add high-quality photographs to your listings or permit visitors to do so.

Additionally, the image galleries provide greater appeal to your listings.

Submission of front-end properties

You will require your website visitors to submit their listings in order to develop a real estate directory.

For this, the Houzez theme is already set up. Both site visitors and agents are able to register for accounts and submit listings.

Listing submissions can be made for free or money.

Therefore, if you want to develop a business directory, you may set up various pricing tiers, let users select from them, and let users submit their listings.

built-in user management and registration

It is incredibly simple to manage your website’s users thanks to the built-in registration and user management system. There is a registration mechanism that works flawlessly.

By selecting among the Buyer and Agent roles, you can even limit a user’s abilities.


360-degree virtual tour and video

360-degree virtual tour and video

You can include movies with your properties to increase the value of your real estate listings. Any browser can play this movie smoothly and with good responsiveness.

Additionally, you can provide virtual tours for your properties to convey more information about them while providing a real-world viewing experience.

Control over the property is in your hands.

Room layouts you can display floorplans for your homes using the built-in capability. This makes it easier for your visitors to grasp. Additionally, there is a function that enables users to print a property PDF for use offline in the future.

Numerous other features are available, including a currency switcher to accommodate different currencies, a mortgage calculator, a website including an agent, a property comparison tool, etc.

You have complete control over each and every listing on your website as the site administrator. You have the option to edit them prior to publication.

Added theme elements

You can use this theme to build a website that makes an impression on visitors’ minds in addition to the dedicated property management functions.

The Houzez theme has a number of auxiliary features that can significantly improve user experience and website performance.

Drag-and-Drop Elementor Widgets, Responsive, and retina ready for the best results

Houzez gif Elementor Widget

Maps from Google & location-based features

As was said at the outset, the Houzez theme is compatible with Google Maps and a number of location-based features.

By tracking the user’s location, geolocation technologies enable your website to operate intelligently. On all search pages for this real estate theme, visitors can conduct radius searches to look for homes according to their closeness in kilometers or miles.

Another helpful feature is the autocomplete for geolocations, which automatically displays suggestions with the option of drop-down results for a certain nation. For the convenience of your visitors, the Houzez theme also supports the Near me features.

Advanced AJAX filters and search suggestions

Advanced filters and search suggestions

You must make it simple for users to navigate your property portal’s many listings when they are looking through it.

Your visitors can find the kinds of properties they’re looking for with the help of the advanced filters and the search suggestion options.

Enables custom fields

Do you require extra fields for your real estate listing? You can quickly create and add new fields to your property listings, so don’t worry.

These fields might be categorized. This makes it incredibly simple for you to generate personalized listings with unique fields for various categories.

Your property listing is more adaptable thanks to the custom field support, and this theme is better suited for building any kind of website.

Favorite properties

Favorite properties

The Houzez theme has a function that enables visitors to add a listing on your website to their list of favorites. However, only people who have registered are permitted to do so.

The stored real estate listings make it simple for your visitors to return to the desired property.

Email Notifications of Saved Searches

Your visitors can set up a variety of search criteria using this function. Therefore, the user will automatically be notified and send an email anytime a new match is found.

All that is necessary for this clever feature to work properly is the appropriate setting.

Payment methods

A payment mechanism is included with the Houzez theme to make sending and receiving money simple. It enables you to accept payments made by bank transfer, PayPal, or Stripe.

In addition, the Houzez theme is exquisitely detailed. It will automatically bill your members and issue invoices. The built-in mechanism will assist you in keeping track of the crucial financial data for accounting and financial management.

Information and Assistance

The Houzez theme is well-documented, and you can find some online video tutorials for it.

Even if you are an expert WordPress user, you will need the theme documentation as it describes the many components and how your real estate theme functions.

In addition, if the documentation is insufficient, you can rely on theme support. Your inquiries will be answered by engineers at their support center who will provide pertinent and helpful information.

In other words, the assistance will help you understand better if you have any questions or confusion. Most importantly, video tutorials make things simpler for its consumers.

Therefore, the help channels for the Houzez theme are excellent in terms of documentation and support.

Houzez Pricing

One of the most popular WordPress real estate themes is called Houzez. It has received a lot of praise for its features and adaptability, and since its release, it has been among the top real estate themes.

The Houzez theme costs $59 to purchase. This cost includes a product that has undergone quality control, free future upgrades, and support for six months.

If you want to receive help for an additional six months, all you need to do is pay $18 more. So, $18 more for a further year of assistance after purchase.

There are numerous features packed into this WordPress theme for a real estate website. You can build an effective website with a ton of functionality thanks to all these characteristics.

The cost-effectiveness of adopting a WordPress theme is one of its key benefits. The cost of hiring developers to complete the task for you may be in the hundreds of dollars, and you would always have to rely on them to make even the slightest adjustments to your website.

While using WordPress themes like Houzez, you may create a website that looks professional at a much lower cost. Additionally, the caliber of your website will be outstanding.

Making a website using the Houzez theme

Utilizing the Houzez theme couldn’t be simpler. Even if you’ve never built a website before, you can quickly construct a stunning real estate website using the theme options.

There is no technical expertise needed to use this real estate theme. You may quickly create a professional-looking website by following the steps to get started, regardless of the type of website you wish to make.

Purchase a domain and hosting

You will want hosting space and a domain name in order to build your real estate website.

BlueHost is a great option for both hosting and domain names.

So you can select a domain name there by going to their website. Your domain name should be brief, exact, simple to remember, and distinctive.

Next, pick a hosting package that serves your needs. Therefore,

2. Installing and personalizing Houzez

Once you have secured hosting and registered your domain, you can move on to purchasing the Houzez theme.

With the aid of the theme documentation, you can download the theme zip file and install the theme.

You won’t have to go through a difficult process to install and activate the theme, so don’t worry.

You will have a fully functional website with a professional design once the theme has been installed and the example data has been loaded.

All you have to do is change the sample data with your own original material and adjust the theme to your needs.

What first customizations are you going to need?

To get started with your website, we will start with minimal adjustments. This is to ensure that your website functions exactly as you intend.

Changing the branding

By changing the site name and logo, you may quickly alter the branding of your website. You must alter the colors and establish backdrops, fonts, and font colors, among other things, so that your website accurately represents your company.

Without altering a single line of code, all of these changes are possible. Through the backend options, you can easily customize this theme.

Set the Mega menus

Houzez theme mega menu section

The primary method of navigation on your website is through the menus. As a result, you must initially concentrate on your website’s menus.

You can compile a list of all the menu items you wish to appear on your website in order to establish a menu. After that, organize them in a hierarchy.

You can quickly design menus with the various menu options and post them up on your website.

Modifying the text, categories, posts, and images

For the real estate website, categories should be created. This makes it simple to organize and for visitors to browse through your ads.

The wording on your website and other design components can then be modified to better suit your niche.

You may easily update anything you want on your website using the choices that are accessible.

Customize the header and the footer

Manage the header and the footer

There are various header alternatives available with this WordPress real estate theme. There are several header options to consider.

You will require many header layouts for real estate websites for various objectives. You are free to pick and customize the header.

Don’t forget to update the footer credits and to include all of the vital links there.

Because the header and footer appear on every page, the text you include there has a significant impact.

Create additional pages your website need.

The Visual Composer page builder makes it simple and enjoyable to create pages using the Houzez theme.

Therefore, you may quickly create any number of pages for your WordPress real estate website. You can select from the page construction elements and make lovely designs, section by section, using the drag and drop page builder.

As a result, you can quickly build as many pages as you like. When your pages are complete, remember to include a link to them in the menu or on any other page so that people can access them.

Launching your real estate website

You can have a functioning real estate directory by following the above steps. The time has come to begin.

  1. Setup the permalinks structure.
  2. Make categories and subcategories first.
  3. Verify that the categories are prominently displayed on the homepage.
  4. Verify that the submission page’s custom fields have all the fields you need by checking them.
  5. Create and change the custom fields as necessary.
  6. If front end submission is permitted
    1. Develop price ranges
    2. Verify that the submit button is prominently displayed on the homepage.
    3. Ensure that the submit listing button is prominently displayed and simple to find.
  7. Include some listings in the backend to initially fill the categories.
  8. Before publishing submitted listings, review them.

These are the fundamental directory settings that needed to be verified and set correctly at the outset of beginning a directory.

You should be aware that you won’t start receiving traffic and submitted listings right away; only effective promotion and upkeep will do that.

Keeping up with and promoting your real estate website

How to acquire traffic is your directory website’s initial challenge.

You will soon understand that you need to take action in order to attract people to your website after launching the directory.

Your real estate websites can be promoted in a variety of ways. However, the best strategies to market various websites vary depending on your area, readership, and, of course, the site’s topic.

Social media marketing and paid commercials are the two strategies that initially produce the best results. Pick your mediums carefully.

The next step is to make your real estate website search engine friendly. By doing this, you can increase your search engine presence and gain more exposure.

Good for you; the Houzez theme has the bonus of being SEO-friendly.

But be sure to pay close attention to every little thing that has an impact on your website’s SEO. For instance, URLs, page titles, effective keyword use, etc.

Final thoughts on the Houzez theme

The Houzez Real estate theme is entirely multifunctional and includes all the customization tools you need to create a website that looks and functions precisely how you want.

Additionally, thanks to the custom fields and other features, this real estate theme is adaptable and may be used for any purpose. The Houzez theme includes all the functionality you need to start out small and expand over time.

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