Free WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing

What are the best free WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing? If you want to start an affiliate’s website, check out our list of the top free affiliate plugins. To increase sales and traffic to your online store, you can use affiliate marketing plugins. There are several best free affiliate plugins for WordPress and reviews theme, that you can choose from to get started with your affiliate program.

As an affiliate marketer, you should be using the following five free WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing to help you grow your business:

Affiliate marketing is the trendiest advertising approach. If you sell products on your site without an affiliate network, you’re missing out on a multi-billion dollar market.

These best WordPress affiliate plugins will help you increase conversions and add value to your website without slowing it down or causing problems with Google AdSense advertisements not loading properly.

Free WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing 2022

Get store credit for WP Affiliate Plugin, display a sales dashboard, coupons, and more. Download this tool to boost your affiliate program.

EasyAzon – Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin

EasyAzon – Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin
Active installations:8,000+
WordPress Version:3.8 or higher
Tested up to:5.9.0

EasyAzon creates Amazon affiliate links from within the WordPress post editor. You can anchor the keywords using affiliate links to any product without manually making them (a huge time saver).

Text affiliate links can optionally open in new windows and/or include the “nofollow” attribute. This can be set site-wide by the plugin or per link.


  • Insert an Amazon product image as a clickable affiliate link.
  • Displays product title, image thumbnail, price details, and buy button in a stylized block.
  • Buy buttons on

Pretty Links – Link Management, Branding, Tracking & Sharing Plugin

Pretty Links – Link Management, Branding, Tracking & Sharing Plugin
Active installations:300,000+
WordPress Version:5.1 or higher
Tested up to:

Pretty Links is the Free WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing cause of the most active installations. This tool shrinks, beautifies, tracks, manages and shares WordPress URLs. Use your own domain to create customized links.

Pretty Links shortens links using your own domain name (instead of,, etc.) Pretty Links creates clean links and tracks each hit on your URL, including the browser, OS, and host.

Pretty Link is a great plugin for users who wish to clean up their affiliate links, track email clicks, have their Twitter links come from their own domain, or improve their website’s exposure by sharing these links on forums or blogs.


  • Allows you to build simple, clear URLs for your website that may be redirected to any other URL of your choosing (allows for 301, 302, and 307 redirects only)
  • Allows you to choose a 3-4 character slug for your URL, or generates random slugs for you.
  • Keeps track of how many people click on each link.
  • It keeps tabs on the number of distinct clicks made on each link.
  • You can see a customizable bar graph of the number of clicks per day in the reporting interface. When seeing this report, you can specify the link that was clicked, as well as a date range and/or a number of unique clicks.
  • Look at the click data, such as the referring site, operating system, browser (including browser version), and ip address.
  • Obtain the hit data in CSV format for later use.
  • Admin User Interface Using Javascript and AJAX.
  • Use lovely links to pass custom parameters to your scripts and keep track of everything.
  • The Stats should not include IP Addresses
  • Directly from the WordPress admin, you can send your lovely links by email
  • The attractive links you create can be redirected in one of two ways: temporarily (302 or 307) or permanently (301).
  • Using a cookie-based tracking mechanism, visitors can be tracked across multiple clicks
  • Nofollow/noindex links should be made.
  • Activate or deactivate link tracking as desired.
  • Some Nice Links Bookmarklet


Pretty Links is open source software. Blair Williamsm and cartpauj contributors made this plugin.

Affiliates Manager By wp.insider, wpaffiliatemgr

Active installations:10,000+
WordPress Version:3.5 or higher
Tested up to:6.06.0 WP Version

Using e-Commerce on your WordPress site or might run a membership site. WP Affiliate Manager may help you run as a free affiliate plugin for woocommerce and affiliate marketing program to bring more visitors and more purchases to your site.

In addition to WooCommerce, Simple WP Shopping Cart, Simple Membership Plugin, Stripe Payments, WP Express Checkout, WP eStore, WP eCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, iThemes Exchange, Paid Membership Pro, Sell Digital Downloads, and S2Member, Affiliate Manager integrates seamlessly with all of these other e-commerce platforms. That way, you can keep track of your affiliate sales regardless of the plugin you’re using to sell your products.


  • Affiliate Commission Notification
  • Continuous Integration with WooCommerce
  • Customizable Affiliate Registration
  • Customizable Email Templates
  • Flat Rate or Percentage Based Payouts
  • Infusionsoft Autoresponder Integration
  • Integration with Simple Shopping Cart
  • Integration with Stripe Payments Plugin
  • Integration with WP eCommerce
  • MailChimp Autoresponder Integration
  • Manual Adjustments and Payouts
  • Pay All Affiliates at Once with Paypal’s Mass Pay
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Responsive Affiliate Area
  • Set Payout Rates Per Affiliate
  • Track Affiliate Ad Impressions
  • Unlimited Affiliates
  • Unlimited Creatives



Easy Affiliate Links by Bootstrapped Ventures

Active installations:10,000+
WordPress Version:3.5 or higher
Tested up to:6.0

Manage all of your website’s affiliate links with the support of Easy Affiliate Links. It’s possible to use both cloaked and non-cloaked links. When someone clicks on one of your links, they will instantly be tracked.

Easy affiliate links in Classic editor
Easy affiliate links in block editor


  • Both the Classic Editor and the new Gutenberg Block Editor are supported. /
  • Elementor ‘s text widget lets you add affiliate links.
  • Use standard links or HTML code for affiliates
  • Create short URLs to hide your affiliate links if desired.
  • If you’re going to link out, make use of ugc and sponsored attribute options
  • For Amazon compatibility, certain URLs should not be masked.
  • Your affiliate links will have a disclaimer automatically added to them.
  • In the visual and html editors, you may easily access your links.
  • Organize your links into categories.
  • Monthly and lifetime click counts can be logged and analyzed.
  • XML and CSV imports of affiliate links are supported.
  • XML and CSV export options for your links
  • It’s easy to change your links in bulk with a CSV export and import


“Easy Affiliate Links” is a free plugin . Brecht have contributed to this plugin.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

Active installations:8,000+
WordPress Version:5.8 or higher
Tested up to:6.0

YITH WordPress affiliate plugin woocommerce lets you run an affiliate campaign to boost web traffic, sales, and money.

With this free wordpress amazon affiliate plugin, you can easily partner with consumers, bloggers, influencers, etc. to generate traffic to your business through blog posts, social media posts, etc. You get excellent leads, traffic, and sales, while your affiliates earn a commission.

More than 80% of online companies (including Amazon, Zalando, Shein, etc.) offer affiliate programs.

The free version of YITH WooCommerce Affiliate offers all you need to manage affiliates, commissions, and metrics (visits, commissions, conversion rates, etc.)


  • Use the default form for affiliate registration: you can enable/disable Name, Surname, E-mail, and Password fields and pick which are required.
  • Mandatory Terms & Conditions tick
  • Show the affiliate signup form in WooCommerce’s My Account page.
  • Create an affiliate registration page using the shortcode.
  • Reject or ban an affiliate and explain why.
  • Add a new or existing affiliate manually.
  • Query string referrer ID during user purchase
  • Name referral token cookies.
  • Referral cookies should expire (in this way, if the visit and the purchase do not happen in the same session, commissions can still be credited correctly)
  • When the system sees a referral query string in the URL, set affiliate cookies using AJAX.
  • Enable the affiliate dashboard in My Account.
  • Shortcode an affiliate dashboard page.
  • Allow affiliates to share their referral link on social media from their dashboard.
  • Manage affiliate commission rate.
  • Affiliates shouldn’t be paid for their own purchases.
  • Exclude taxes and discounts from commissions; link old commissions to new users.
  • Manual bank/wire transfer commissions
  • Refunds should automatically subtract affiliate commissions.

Contributors & Developers

“YITH WooCommerce Affiliates” is best free affiliate WordPress plugin. YITHEMES have contributed to this plugin.

ThirstyAffiliates (Affiliate Link Manager)

 Active installations:40,000+
WordPress Version:5.0 or higher
Tested up to:5.9.3

ThirstyAffiliates is a tool created to help bloggers generate money. Many blog owners use ThirstyAffiliates to manage affiliate links.

ThirstyAffiliates delivers WordPress blogs affiliate marketing tools.

Affiliate marketers and bloggers trust ThirstyAffiliates. It’s compatible with all affiliate schemes and helps you monetize WordPress  with affiliate marketing.


  • Inbuilt link shortener/cloaker (creates links like http ://
  • Commission-protecting link redirecting (301, 302 & 307)
  • Stats & reports
  • Hierarchical categorization to segment links
  • A WordPress-like affiliate link picker
  • For advanced link options, click the cog icon after hitting “TA” on your editor.
  • Add links, shortcodes, or images! (Full search)
  • Inserts affiliate links easily into articles, pages, and comments. ThirstyAffiliates is on every WordPress editor.
  • The quick add feature enables you to create affiliate links without leaving a post edits.
  • Custom URL prefixes Change “recommends” to another prefix or create your own.
  • Show link category slugs
  • Disable Follow (global or per link)
  • NEW TAB (global or per link)
  • Standard WordPress import/export tools
  • Standard WordPress backup compatibility
  • WordPress-approved storage strategies; doesn’t bloat database
  • Add photos to affiliate links for easy insertion.
  • In-built proactive link fixer that repairs obsolete affiliate links.
  • Modular so you can use only the pieces you need

Contributors & Developers

“ThirstyAffiliates” is best free affiliate plugin. Caseproof, Blair Williams have contributed to this plugin.

Final Verdicts for Free WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing

We’ve collected a list of the best Free WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing. Some of these tools help drive more sales with less effort, while others are meant to help affiliates track performance and conversions. This list should help you get real-time data or boost conversions.


Can I add affiliate links on free WordPress? allows affiliate links if your blog’s main objective is to provide original material. We don’t allow affiliate-link-driven sites. Your site’s content should relate to affiliate links.

Which plugin is best for affiliate marketing?

Think big effort when choosing WordPress affiliate plugins If you’re serious about internet income and lead generation.

Don’t focus attention on a single feature or low pricing.  As your firm expands, you can move to something more powerful functionality.

There are several effective WordPress plugins for affiliate programs. Set up free MemberPress accounts for your partners to view unique content, and monitor affiliate sales and commissions using MemberPress, Easy Affiliate, and Pretty Links are the best WP affiliate plugin.

Is WP affiliate free?

Advertising (including affiliate marketing) is not accepted on isn’t appropriate for affiliate marketing sites or blogs. Simple. According to, affiliate marketing blogs are not allowed on the platform. SO WP is affiliate free.

Is affiliate marketing allowed on WordPress? allows affiliate links if your blog’s main objective is to provide original material. We don’t allow affiliate-link-driven sites. Your site’s content should relate to affiliate links.

WordPress users have an advantage in affiliate marketing. Many plugins can help you maximize your affiliate links.

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